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9” Disc Sanitaire®
Environmental Dynamics International has recognized the significance of advanced technology membrane performance in the diffused aeration industry. Starting in 1985, EDI began significant research in diffuser membrane technology. EDI’s long-term research into membrane technology has allowed substantial advances in this technology that are currently available to EDI customers. Advanced membrane technology from EDI incorporates many […]

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Integral Saddle Mounted Disc Diffuser
Integral Saddle Mounted Disc Diffuser

Exclusively available for 9” and 12” diameter discs
Glass fiber-reinforced polypropylene construction for maximum chemical, temperature, and UV resistance
Advanced technology premium-quality membrane materials available in EPDM and other special polymer blends
Triple-check valve design prevents entry of liquid/solids into piping. Ideal for on/off applications
Resistant to fouling and plugging for low maintenance
Integral Saddle Mount provides ease of installation and maintenance
High-capacity membrane option available for maximum airflow
and low operating pressure


3 times stronger than conventional mounting or push-on systems
Pre-assembled and leak tested in our facilities
Patented KlicLoc™ retainer for positive mechanical lock

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T-Series Diffuser
T-Series Diffuser

The FlexAir™ T-Series diffuser unit is a fine pore, flexible membrane diffuser capable of providing a high level of oxygen transfer efficiency with maximum operating flexibility. T-Series units are configured with a premium quality EPDM rubber membrane sleeve specifically perforated for high volumetric air-handling capacity. For industrial and non-standard domestic applications, alternate membrane materials including urethane, silicone, and other specialty polymers are available. Alternate perforation patterns are available for energy sensitive applications or where maximum oxygen transfer efficiency is desired. EDI also offers a variety of sizes of diffusers to meet airflow requirements.

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