Fine Bubble Aeration

Maximum Performance and Flexibility

Fine bubble diffuser systems are a key component in controlling operational economics of a wastewater treatment plant. EDI's fine bubble diffuser platforms offer maximum performance and application flexibility for system optimization.

Fine Bubble diffuser systems disperse the diffused gas volume to transfer an equivalent amount of oxygen as a coarse bubble system. The diameter of gas bubble has a dramtic impact on surface area. Comparing 1 cubic foot of air used in fine, medium, and coarse bubble systems demonstrates why fine pore diffusers optimize the use of air and reduce energy consumption.

fine bubble


Fine bubble technology is a form of subsurface aeration that introduces air into water via very small (or fine) bubbles (<2mm in size). Thousands of fine bubbles promote the transfer of oxygen to water due to their collectively large surface area and low buoyancy, maximizing air-water contact. Typical fine bubble diffuser systems for lagoons can be dropped in from the surface, are self weighted and supplied air from flexible weighted tubing connected to a air lateral pipe floating on the surface. The primary advantage of fine bubble technology is its high efficiency, capable of providing 6–7 lb/O2 hp-h, making it 40–60% more efficient than any other lagoon aeration solution. Moreover, there are many fine bubble technologies specifically designed to retrofit lagoon systems relatively easily without dewatering or installing fixed piping—this makes installation relatively cost effective.

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