Tube and Disc Membranes

EDI has recognized the significance of advance technology membrane performance in the diffused aeration industry. Since 1985, EDI has been conducting significant research in diffuser membrane technology.

EDI's long-term research has allowed substantial advances in this technology, which are currently available to EDI customers. These advancements incorporate many integral features that differentiate EDI membranes and membrane performance from commercial products available in other parts of the industry. Since the diffuser membrane is the primary element in determining aeration system performance, the research has been well founded in developing the capabilities of EDI membrane diffuser systems that exceed the performance of any other diffuser systems currently available.

EDI integrated design and manufacturing process control the total membrane products from compounding through extrusion and perforation. EDI offers a variety of sizes of membranes as well as a selection of engineered perforations to meet your application needs. EDI products deliver high efficiency and require less energy to operate. Reduced operation and maintenance costs for EDI systems and diffuser products present great value to engineers, contractors, and operators.

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