EDI's PermaCap 5 & FlexCap diffusers are effective and efficient coarse bubble membrane diffuser units. PermaCap and FlexCap coarse bubble units offer great value as a low-cost aeration/mixing solution.

These units are configured with a premium quality EPDM membrane specifically designed to exclude solids and provide long-term trouble-free operation. Diffuser base and retaining ring are manufactured from durable ABS.

PermaCap 5 units are available with either 3/8-inch diameter NPT (male) or 3/4-inch diameter NPT (male) threaded inlet to allow quick and simple installation into threaded pipe applications. 3/4-inch units can be mounted using the Universal Diffuser Mount (see Specialty Parts). Units are particularly suited for drop pipe installation in package treatment plants and channel aeration. Units are suitable for mounting on either the top or bottom of the air distribution piping.

  • Category:Coarse Bubble Aeration Parts
  • Dimensions:3/4" and 3/8" male NPT; 5" diameter