Universal Diffuser Mount

The Universal Diffuser Mount (UDM) for fine bubble or coarse bubble disc diffusers is designed to accept a 3/4-inch NPT diffuser connection. The UDM is engineered for use with 2-inch through 8-inch pipe. Pipe can be thin wall to heavy wall plastic or metal pipe. UDM can also be glued to PVC or ABS piping if desired. Installation includes drilling a 1 1/4-inch diameter hole, de-burring the hole, installing the UDM (with or without glue) and screwing the diffuser into the UDM. The UDM is to be used for mounting diffusers on the top or bottom of the lateral and is not recommended for sidewall mount of diffuser units. Note: special installation instructions included for each order.

Part Number - 00308

  • Category:Specialty Parts