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Fine Bubble Disc to EDI™ Fine Bubble Disc Conversion EIMCO™
Convert the Eimco™ fine bubble disc diffuser to the industry standard 9-inch diameter disc membrane diffuser units. Kits consist of the EDI FlexAir™ 9-inch diameter advanced technology disc diffuser unit with 3/4-inch NPT adapter to convert existing 1-inch connection and EPDM gasket. Normal operating airflow is between 0.5–6.0 scfm per diffuser. High-capacity diffusers are available to meet high airflow applications. Part Number 02799

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EDI FlexAir® Pro12 Inch Disc

Glass fiber-reinforced polypropylene construction for maximum chemical, temperature, and UV resistance

Advanced technology premium-quality membrane materials available in EPDM and other special polymer blends

Resistant to fouling and plugging for low maintenance

High-capacity membrane option available for maximum airflow and low operating pressure
Benefits: Economical capital cost and ease of installation Available in 9”, & 12″ or 90mm & 110mm Mounts on any pipe material (PVC, ABS, CPVC, & SS) Patented EZ Seal for quick hand-tight seal Rugged heavy-duty construction Pre-assembled in our facilities

9” Disc AERCOR®

Environmental Dynamics International has recognized the significance of...

NOPOL12” Disc

Replacement Disc Model: NOPOL™  12” Disc Part Number: 01775 Material Diameter (US): 12 in, (Metric):304.8 mm