Environmental Dynamics International (EDI) was founded in 1975, with a focus on Biological Treatment and Advanced Technology Diffused Aeration Systems. While keeping true to the ‘Aeration for Life®’ promise, the company continues to grow with its diverse product portfolio and unparalleled service capabilities; offering integrated aeration system solutions for Municipal and Industrial Water Reclamation Facilities. 

With its vast experience in supporting the aeration demands of many biological processes, EDI offers diffusers and complete advanced solutions for all types of biological reactors, including lagoons. In June 2020, EDI integrated into Nexom after having been acquired by KKR and XPV Water Partners. This integration enables us to hold a much stronger position in the market with enhanced, synergistic capabilities and a wider range of solutions in our integrated portfolio of biological treatment and filtration technologies.

OUR MISSION: To foster mutually supportive, long-term relationships as the industry’s most respected aeration company; helping our clients realize their facility’s full potential through our innovative technologies, services, and expertise.

OUR VISION: Support the water reclamation field with deliverables that reach beyond historical offerings.

History of EDI

Aeration System Solutions

New Plant Construction & Existing Facility Upgrades

Environmental Dynamics International (EDI) specializes in the development and application of advanced technology aeration and biological treatment solutions for municipal and industrial wastewater. The professionals and engineers at EDI provide the highest level of value-added service, technology transfer, process application, and system design support. EDI is a full-service organization and provides field contract services for equipment installation, start-up, and maintenance with demonstrated success in more than 7,000 installations in over 100 countries worldwide.

Superior Services

Parts & Services for All Brands




The Diffuser Express division offers a large inventory of diffuser and waste treatment products for facility upgrades and replacement parts for all major brands.



The EDI SiteWorks has qualified and experienced infrastructure support teams to provide single-source responsibility for installation, refurbishment, long-term preventative maintenance, and subcontracted supervisory services. Partnerships with design build contractors is also managed through SiteWorks.


Advanced Solutions

Making A Difference In The Water Reclamation Industry

Our innovative and dynamic approach to problem solving and customer service allows us to stand above the rest. As ‘the’ major vendor of aeration products and solutions in the United States, we continue to develop new technologies and solutions and improve current offerings to maintain our visionary and leader status in the industry.

We continue to be the industry leader in Lagoon Treatment by perfecting and adding to the patented ‘Lagoon Solutions’ technology we first implemented in 1975; and now we have the widest selection of lagoon processes and equipment than any other manufacturer in the industry with Seven (7) processes, four (4) methods of aeration distribution, over 150 combinations of aeration technology, and a wide selection of options and other lagoon treatment equipment. When it comes to front-of-plant ammonia removal, nitrate & total nitrogen removal across the widest range of temperature variations, long-term compliance planning, and energy and chemical savings in lagoons – no one does these better than us. 

EDI's Industrial Aeration Solutions division has been a major global vendor of industrial wastewater aeration needs since 1975. We have designed, installed, and serviced aeration systems for Pulp & Paper, Food & Beverage (Beef, Pork, Poultry, Dairy), Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Petroleum, and Oil & Gas, among many other industries. We are unique with our ‘Turnkey Aeration for Life’ solutions for industrial WWTPS with our design, installation, and long-term service capabilities.

EDI continues to add new products and technologies through its Innovative Technology Series. In recent years EDI has added the “BABTM BIG BUBBLE MIXERS with Advanced Geyser Technology”,  “INFINITETM Oxidation-Ditch for Tuned-Loop Bioreactors”, “FOXTAILTM Attached Growth Media” etc. in this portfolio”. EDI’s R&D and Engineering Department with its high caliber in-house engineers is always making new things and working on innovative technologies.

Industry Excellence

EDI is recognized for excellence in exports and has received numerous awards including: State of Missouri "Small Business Exporter of the Year" Award and US Dept. of Commerce President's "E" Award for Excellence. The E-Star Award EDI Received has only been granted to a select 300 companies since the inception of the program by President John F. Kennedy in 1961.


Environmental Dynamics International (EDI) specializes in the research, development, and application of advanced technology aeration and biological treatment solutions for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment.

Customer Service

EDI supports wastewater treatment services globally. EDI's engineered systems division will handle your aeration system needs with superior customer service.

International Logistics

With manufacturing capabilities, supply chain management programs and regional locations worldwide, EDI can effectively deliver quality systems, installation, maintenance, and service to its customers around the globe.