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EDI FlexAir Pro 9″ Disc Diffuser

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FlexAir Disc Membrane – EDI®

The FlexAir™ disc diffuser is a fine pore flexible membrane or ceramic media diffuser that provides operational flexibility with maximum oxygen transfer efficiency.
For ease of installation and maintenance, EDI’s disc diffusers offer two connection methods: threaded and integrated saddle mount. The threaded disc diffuser can be installed in any 3/4-inch fitting or pipe nipple. Pipe with wall thickness equal to or greater than SCH40 can be drilled and tapped for connecting the diffuser. Additionally, diffusers can be installed using UDM (see “Specialty Disc Diffuser Items”) when using thinner wall pipe for air distribution.
The 9-inch diameter diffuser is also available with EDI’s innovative Integral Saddle Mount, which provides unmatched mechanical strength. Disc diffusers are constructed of glass-filled polypropylene and suitable for deep tank (high-temperature) applications. Alternate materials of constructions are available for special applications.
FlexAir disc diffuser units are available with premium quality EPDM membranes. Multiple perforation patterns are available to optimize system performance. The flexible membrane diffusers incorporate a triple-check valve design to prevent intrusion of liquid or solids into the diffuser or air piping under normal on/off operating conditions.

Aercor® 9″ Disc Membrane

Replacement Disc Model: Sanitaire® 9” Disc
Part Number: 00223
Material Diameter (US): 9” Diameter  (Metric): 228.6 mm

Universal Diffuser Mount

The Universal Diffuser Mount (UDM) for fine bubble or coarse bubble disc diffusers is made of durable PVC or optional EPDM that accepts a 3/4-inch NPT diffuser connection. The UDM is engineered for use with 2.4-inch through 8.6-inch O.D. It is designed for thin wall piping (SDR26 or Sch40 pipes). UDM can also be glued to PVC or ABS piping if desired. Installation includes drilling a 1 1/4-inch diameter hole, de-burring the hole, installing the UDM (with or without glue) and screwing the diffuser into the UDM.

The UDM is to be used for mounting diffusers on the top or bottom of the lateral and is not recommended for sidewall mount of diffuser units.

Note: Special installation instructions included for each order.

Part Number 00308

AERCOR®/Norton™ 7-inch Ceramic Dome to Membrane Conversion Kit

Flexible membrane conversion for 7-inch diameter ceramic dome units (1/2- inch center bolt design) to industry standard 9-inch diameter disc membrane diffuser units. Conversion and upgrade provides major capacity increase, significant efficiency gains, and reduced maintenance requirements. Kits typically consist of EDI 9-inch diameter advanced technology disc diffuser unit with 3/4-inch NPT male threads, an adapter for 1/2-inch threads, EPDM gasket, and stainless bolt for unit connection. Normal operating airflow for the 9-inch diameter conversion unit is 0.5–6.0 scfm per unit. High-capacity diffusers are available to meet high airflow applications.

Part Number 00422