Wastewater aeration for the Sugar industry

Take credit for the sweetness, leave the wastewater to us.

Whether you’re working with beets or cane, chances are the water you use needs some specialized attention. Our wastewater treatment experts have the experience you can rely on and the range of tools required to build an aeration system that delivers oxygen to your water more durably and efficiently, with low operations and maintenance costs that allows your team to devote more of your time and money to your business.

Reduce the cost of your oxygen.

When it comes to treating the BOD and COD (biological and chemical oxygen demand), the key number is the cost per pound of oxygen. Whether you have lagoons that need optAER fine-bubble lagoon aeration, or you have concrete basins ready for EDI engineered aeration solutions, we can help you cut that cost of your oxygen down by a third of what surface aerators require, with no on-water O&M for things like changing oil. Plus, we have the membrane options to ensure you’ll get longer-lasting membranes that are resistant to things like calcium carbonate fouling.

Our wastewater treatment experts will help you select from our full range of optAER lagoon fine-bubble aeration and related upgrades, or EDI’s series of FlexAir® Pro fine-bubble membranes—whether it’s EPDM, HTPE, our proprietary PTFE-embedded Matrix™ and Matrix Plus™ membranes, or a special polymer designed just for you. Our engineers’ final configuration will be designed to keep your fine-bubble aeration system operating at its peak for longer and saving you money.

Look Inside

FlexAir® Pro fine-bubble aeration systems consist of variable configurations (like fixed grids or ModulAir), diffusers (like panels, tubes, and discs), and membranes (like EPDM, PTFE-embedded Matrix, and more).

Did you know?

Even if you have existing aeration, efficiency cost savings could pay for the cost to maintain or upgrade your system.

Case Study

Upgrading to FlexAir® Pro’s Streamline® diffusers enabled Lisbon, Portugal’s Frielas wastewater treatment plant to achieve an SOTE of 38.5%, surpassing the the requested SOTE of 37.75%, an efficiency of ~6.6%/m.

Let us handle your dirty work

Even if you have full-time wastewater treatment staff, there are some jobs worth offloading. Maybe its the on-water work of inspecting and cleaning your aeration diffusers. Maybe it’s a big job of replacing outdated, inefficient membranes. Maybe it’s getting your brand new equipment installed by the manufacturer’s own wastewater treatment experts, not just any contractor between paving jobs, and having that single point of responsibility.

It’s worth hiring the right team to get the job done right, done faster, and with a warranty. That right team is SiteWorks, our elite wastewater treatment squad and your wastewater operation’s new best friends. SiteWorks’ only goal is to ensure your plant is so well installed, serviced, and (should the need arise) repaired, you never have to worry about your wastewater treatment again.

Did you know?

SiteWorks installs, services, and repairs all makes and models of wastewater treatment plants.

Decide once…

…have it done right forever. Service contracts from SiteWorks ensure your treatment plant gets the attention it needs, when it needs it, without you lifting a finger.

Case Study

Since 1994, Duckett Creek, MO’s 5 MGD plant has saved tens of thousands of dollars annually thanks to upgrades, services, and expansions performed by SiteWorks.

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