Consulting Engineers

We are here as your partner in keeping your clients happy and their basins well aerated.

Equip your clients with the most reliable, efficient technology with the lowest total cost of ownership.

We helped start the fine-bubble aeration revolution, and continue to drive innovation to increase efficiency, lower costs, and provide engineers with the most comprehensive set of aeration tools in the industry.

Whether you’re serving a small municipality or one of the world’s largest treatment plants (either municipal or industrial in nature), our wastewater treatment technology is reliable, efficient and easy-to-run.

EDIs engineers have upgraded treatment systems and built greenfield systems for decades. They understand what consulting engineers need to move their projects forward quickly, efficiently, and with the confidence that the solutions they present will deliver the results clients need.

In fact, in pioneering the integration of installation and maintenance services through SiteWorks, you and your clients can enjoy a single point of responsibility for the technology and its performance at startup and beyond.

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