Wastewater aeration for the chemical industry

Your finely-calibrated chemistry produces wastewater that needs finely-calibrated treatment.

The wastewater created by your chemical production facility isn’t the same as residential wastewater; it requires aeration systems that are built to withstand not just high-strength wastewater, but your specific blend of high-strength wastewater.

EDI has aeration experts on staff who have helped others in the chemical industry optimize their aeration, assembling the system that will work best for you from the FlexAir® Pro comprehensive range of aeration membranes and diffusers. That can include unrivalled aeration density with Streamline aeration diffusers, as well as our EDI-exclusive Matrix™ or Matrix Plus™ membrane that embeds PTFE right into the polyurethane to help ensure the performance remains consistent throughout the life of the membrane.

Keeping things equalized

Unless you’ve reached a scale of production that ensures you’re using the same amount of water, for the same purposes, every day, chances are an equalization tank can help. By holding and mixing several days’ or weeks’ water in the tank, you can bring down the peaks that cause the biggest surcharges from your municipal plant or cause bigger issues for your existing wastewater infrastructure thanks to feast and famine conditions.

The aeration in an equalization tank is not about treatment; it’s about mixing the wastewater, keeping solids from settling, and ensuring subsequent treatment process don’t get overloaded one day and starved the next. This is where EDI’s CoarsAir coarse bubble shines; by providing superior mixing with the minimum in maintenance, it’ll keep your equalization tank mixed.

Look Inside

CoarsAir mixing comes in multiple forms, including our stainless Max, Wide-Band, Flex Cap, and Hex, so you’ll get the configuration that fits your needs and budget.

Did you know?

CoarsAir mixing can extend the life of your system by equalizing solids and loading and preventing sludge buildup.

Case Study

More than a decade ago, Leprino Foods, globally one of the largest mozzarella makers, started taking EDI up on our Aeration for life™ promise.

Make your aeration last longer with the right membrane

Your wastewater is not gentle. Not only do your mounting configuration and diffusers need to be made out of materials hardy enough to stand up to your industrial-strength waste, but choose the wrong membrane, and you could end up replacing them in months rather than years.

Our wastewater treatment experts will help you select from EDI’s series of FlexAir® Pro fine-bubble membranes—whether it’s EPDM, HTPE, our proprietary PTFE-embedded Matrix™ and Matrix Plus™ membranes, or a special polymer designed just for you—to keep your fine-bubble aeration system operating at its peak for longer and saving you money.

Look Inside

FlexAir® Pro fine-bubble aeration systems consist of variable configurations (like fixed grids or ModulAir), diffusers (like panels, tubes, and discs), and membranes (like EPDM, PTFE-embedded Matrix, and more).

Did you know?

Even if you have existing aeration, efficiency cost savings could pay for the cost to maintain or upgrade your system.

Case Study

Upgrading to FlexAir® Pro’s Streamline® diffusers enabled Lisbon, Portugal’s Frielas wastewater treatment plant to achieve an SOTE of 38.5%, surpassing the the requested SOTE of 37.75%, an efficiency of ~6.6%/m.

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