Leprino Foods Dairy Processing, CO

SiteWorks fulfilling EDI's "Aeration for life" commitment over more than a decade with major American mozzarella producer.

Project Information

Location: Denver, CO

Project Background & Challenges

Leprino Foods is one of the largest global producers of mozzarella cheese with numerous plant facilities in the U.S. and overseas. They pride themselves on producing “the best dairy products available,” and as an industry leader state that they “settle for nothing less than excellence.”

This attitude for their products is also how they approach their plant operations, including their wastewater treatment facilities. They consider wastewater treatment an essential component of their total plant operation. Any breakdown in their treatment process can result in reduced production or plant shut down.

Leprino experienced problems with several plant treatment systems, and looked for a company who could provide their wastewater treatment upgrades with reliable results and on a continuing basis.

The EDI Answer

EDI was chosen as the ideal company to provide this expertise and service, implementing “Aeration for Life™,” a long-term commitment to partner with Leprino Foods for total servicing of their aeration systems.

More than simply replacing existing products, EDI applied an integrated solutions systems approach that included review and upgrade of the existing system where needed, engineered designs for individual applications, and installation services through their Aeration Works division. For over a decade EDI has provided ongoing dependable treatment systems to more than 90% of the Leprino facilities in five U.S. states.

Representative cases of this total service approach would include replacement of existing systems and upgrades with:

  • EDI FlexAir Magnum full circumference perforation systems
  • EDI FlexAir MiniPanel fine bubble diffusers with top only perforation
  • EDI CoarsAir Max SS coarse bubble maximum mixing and reliability
  • EDI PU Membrane diffusers

System Performance

Initial plant installations were made 13 years ago and are still running strong. They well represent the complete line of fine and coarse bubble aeration diffuser products that are available from EDI to provide a platform for numerous system configurations. These system options allow for optimized functionality and have been very advantageous for Leprino Foods.

EDI continues to serve Leprino Foods as a primary resource to meet their corporate aeration wastewater needs utilizing the “Aeration for Life™” total commitment partnering approach.

EDI recognizes the dependence that Leprino Foods has for ongoing reliable wastewater treatment in order to keep their plants running economically. This is their primary objective. And since all systems and materials risk failures when subjected to the extreme conditions being used, EDI continues to monitor and provide ongoing inspections of their aeration systems to assure Leprino Foods keeps their production doors open.

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