Having the right diffuser is key to effective wastewater treatment, whether you need 10 or 10,000.

Is your wastewater treatment limited by…

a lack of oxygen?

You need FlexAir® Pro fine bubble diffusers which we offer in a number of different forms (including tubes, panels, discs, and even Streamline) using a range of different membranes to most effectively meet your oxygen-transfer efficiency, maintenance and reliability, and even aeration density needs.

insufficient mixing?

You need CoarsAir coarse bubble diffusers which offer moderate oxygen transfer efficiency and low maintenance with aggressive mixing.

I'm not really sure...

We are passionate about learning about and treating wastewater so you don’t have to be. Our engineers have built thousands of aeration systems and can test your water, assemble the right mix of membranes, diffusers, and configurations to meet your needs, and our SiteWorks teams are available to come to your site to ensure it’s even installed right.