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Supporting contractors since 1975 

When you’ve been in the business as long as we have, you know you’re doing something right for the contractors who rely on you most. 

One of the ways we’ve driven innovation is through the ease of installation of our products. Through developments like our: 

  • SuperStrut, which can reduce installation time by 40% and make the jobsite safer by replacing tedious, unforgiving wiggle-wire supports on disc diffuser systems,  
  • Integrated Saddle Mounts, which enable the replacement of individual diffusers, 
  • Smart Packaging, which makes onsite allocation of equipment a breeze, 

…we are focused on making the contractor’s life simpler, more cost-effective, and downright better. 

In addition, if you ever need support, you can sub out any work to our experienced, efficient SiteWorks teams, who are crack teams of aeration service and installation experts. 

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