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Regulating bubble size and durability with Membranes
which are applied to air-distributing Diffusers
that are mounted in system-friendly Configurations
to meet the needs of a range of Applications
and are supported by our services offered Aftermarket

Aeration is a part of almost every wastewater treatment plant, but cheap products and unreliable suppliers have made life difficult for operators and engineers.

EDI supplies aeration for lIfe™ meaning we support engineers from the first design, contractors with the easiest installation processes, and plant operators with the widest range of American-made aftermarket parts, so treatment plants can trust its aeration again.

EDI has been revolutionizing wastewater aeration since 1975, and we are only getting started. We are relentlessly focused on making cutting-edge aeration easy for engineers to integrate, simple for operators to maintain, with a total lifecycle cost that makes it easy for municipalities or industrial clients to manage their environmental impact.

Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket Parts Catalog


Customer Service

BioShade BioInsulate

Ceramic Diffuser Fine Pore Rigid Media Technology

FlexAir Pro ISM Disc

FlexAir Pro Magnum

Silicone Membrane

FlexAir T-Series High-Cap

FlexAir Pro T-Series - MicroPore

FlexAir Pro Threaded Disc

FlexAir Pro MiniPanel

FlexAir Pro MiniPanel MP3 - 5

FlexAir Pro P-Type Diffuser

Membrane PU-HTPU

CoarsAir MaxAir SS

CoarsAir MaxAir PVC

Matrix Disc Membrane

Membrane Matrix Plus

In-Situ Cleaning System



Hat Support


EPDM Membrane

FlexAir Basic Ceramic Disc

FlexAir Pro Streamline

Modulair Lift-in/out Disc Diffuser Option

Modulair Lift-in/out Tube Diffuser Option