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After More than 8,000 installations in 100+ countries, serving 400 million people, we are just getting started.

EDI was founded in 1975 to foster mutually supportive, long-term relationships as the industry’s most respected aeration company, helping our clients realize their facility’s full potential through our innovative technologies, services, and expertise. With our vast experience in supporting the aeration demands of many biological processes, EDI offers diffusers and complete advanced solutions for all types of biological reactors.

As part of our Aeration for life promise, EDI delivers:

Aeration system solutions for new plant construction and existing facility upgrades: We specialize in the development and application of advanced aeration technologies, creating biological treatment solutions for municipal and industrial wastewater. The professionals and engineers at EDI provide the highest level of value-added service, technology transfer, process application, and system design support. EDI is a full-service organization and provides field contract services for equipment installation, start-up, and maintenance with demonstrated success in more than 8,000 installations in over 100 countries worldwide.

Superior services, including parts and services for all brands: Our Diffuser Express division offers a large inventory of diffuser and waste treatment products for facility upgrades and replacement parts for all brands. Meanwhile, SiteWorks has qualified and experienced infrastructure support teams to provide single-source responsibility for installation, refurbishment, long-term preventative maintenance, and subcontracted supervisory services. Partnerships with design-build contractors are also managed through SiteWorks.

Advanced solutions that make a difference in the water reclamation industry: Our innovative and dynamic approach to problem-solving and customer service allows us to stand above the rest. We strive every day to live up to our historic status as a visionary leader in the industry by continuing to develop new technologies and solutions and improve current offerings.

Industry excellence: EDI has been recognized for excellence in exports and has received numerous awards including the State of Missouri’s “Small Business Exporter of the Year” Award, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s “President’s ‘E’ Award for Excellence,” or “E-Star” award. This E-Star award has only been granted to a select 300 companies since the inception of the program by President John F. Kennedy in 1961.

 In June 2020, EDI was acquired by KKR and XPV Water Partners as part of the water quality platform now known as Axius Water. This enables EDI to hold a much stronger position in the market with enhanced, synergistic capabilities and a wider range of solutions in our portfolio of biological treatment technologies. Our vision is for every drop of wastewater to meet the highest nutrient standards at the lowest possible energy footprint.


Our story dates back as far as 1975...

…when Environmental Dynamics International (EDI) was founded by Charles E. Tharp, a Columbia, Missouri-based company that quickly became a global competitor in biological wastewater treatment and advanced diffused aeration systems for municipal and industrial clients.

In 1999, EDI's Parts Division, Diffuser Express was launched

For customers that need direct delivery of aeration parts without any engineering, design, or installation services; EDI offers express delivery of diffusers, membranes, and specialty diffuser items through ‘DiffuserExpress’ (DX). Customers can find compatible parts for all brands whenever they need and experience worry-free aeration in their new and existing water and wastewater treatment applications. DX offers high-quality equipment for specific applications made and continuously improved with EDI’s aeration expertise, application knowledge, and in-house research and development.

The origin of today's SiteWorks Installation & Service team dates back to 2008

EDI established the contract services installation division in 2008 that currently operates as SiteWorks™.  Experienced SiteWorks™ field service professionals are experts at installation and maintenance of aeration systems. SiteWorks provides system operators a source for fast, reliable installation and maintenance. Across North America, you can have SiteWorks install your brand-new aeration system, as well as upgrade and maintain your age-old existing system from another brand, and anything in between.

In 2020, EDI joined the Axius Water Platform.

With the acquisition of EDI by Axius Water and with close cooperation with Nexom, EDI continues to offer “aeration for life” through its engineered aeration technologies, and the combination of the two comapnies instantly creates a globally-competitive nutrient management leader offering an ever-broadening range of category-leading technologies. Axius Water, as it is now known, was created to address United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #6 by addressing the global wastewater nutrient crisis.

Innovation Continues...

As one of the largest Aeration System suppliers in the USA and a major global vendor, EDI continues to bring new aeration solutions to the market. In 2022, EDI’s premium FlexAir product line was relaunched as FlexAIR PRO™ and a FlexAIR BASIC™ line was introduced that conforms to the most common aeration specification that call for solvent welded 9-inch disc diffusers with a quality, American-made product.

Our Leadership Team
Meet the team that sets the tone.
Matt Martin

Matt Martin

General Manager

With over 20 years of experience in Water/Wastewater, Energy, and Oil & Gas markets, Matt Martin has a unique and diversified skillset holding global leadership roles in Sales, Operations, Project Management, Applications, and Engineering. Matt successfully applies these technical and business expertise to deliver innovative customer solutions, operational excellence, and profitability to the business. Matt is passionate about achieving positive customer outcomes and optimal business results.

Our Platform

EDI is part of the Axius Water family of companies, a water quality-focused platform led by CEO Chris McIntire and formed by KKR’s Global Impact Fund and XPV Water Partners.

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In addition to Axius Water’s position at the forefront of addressing UN Sustainable Development Goal 6 (specifically Target 6.3), the platform’s stakeholders are counting on it to demonstrate excellence and transparency across all ESG issues.

To learn more about [brand]’s efforts through 2021, and its commitment to make a collective sustainability impact across environmental, social, and governance issues, visit our Sustainability landing page.


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