Columbus, GA WRF: System Upgrade and Maintenance Program

The South Columbus Water Resources Facility, owned and run by Columbus Water Works (CWW), treats the
wastewater coming from homes, businesses, and industries in the greater Columbus, GA area. The facility
treats up to 70 MGD (264,979 m3/day) flow during wet seasons when storm-water enters the system. In
extreme conditions, the plant can handle up to 84 MGD (317,975 m3/day).


In 2011, EDI provided its FlexAirTM Aeration System with a total of 34,440 Disc Diffusers (9” dia.) in six aeration basins at the South Columbus WRF. The WRF decided to use their existing blowers to feed this system. There was not sufficient budget for new blowers at that time. But the pressure capacity of the existing blowers was limited. To optimize the pressure from the blowers and ensure proper Oxygen Transfer Efficiency, the diffusers were installed with around 3 feet elevation from the aeration basin floor.

Usually, diffusers are mounted at around 8-inch to 10-inch elevation from the floor with the right air pressure. To provide adequate stability for the high mounted diffusers, EDI had to come up with a unique design solution with extra support mechanism. The aeration system went operational in June 2012.

Since then, EDI has always remained in contact with the plant. In February 2018, Columbus Water Works (CWW) circulated an invitation to bid for “South Columbus Water Resource Facility Improvements” which included installation of four new single-stage centrifugal air blower systems. With the performance of the aeration system in place, EDI was again commissioned for this system upgrade as a trusted partner. Installation of those new blowers with adequate capacity finally allowed EDI to fully optimize the aeration system setup. EDI’s Global Services division ‘AerationWorks’ (AW) took the system apart, cleaned the diffuser membranes and other equipment, and reinstalled the system by lowering the entire grid to optimal level.

Every EDI installation is only the start of a journey. While keeping true to the ‘Aeration for Life’ promise, EDI ensures the ultimate aeration solution at each step of that journey with its diverse product portfolio and unparalleled service capabilities. 


EDI also offers an extended maintenance contracts like the ‘Infinity Preventative Maintenance Program’, one of the many service programs offered by SiteWorks. Under this program, EDI assumes the burden of maintenance and will clean, repair, and maintain all in-basin components including membranes, piping components, and supports. Also included in this plan is a diffuser membrane replacement, where parts pricing is locked in today’s price for the initial six-year contract period.

Learn More About Preventative Maintenance Programs with Aeration Works

columbus Ga map

Project Information

Location: Columbus, GA

Project Type: Municipal

Completion Date: June 2012

System Upgrade: 2018

Worker in basin with edi disc diffusers


columbua-ga diffusers turned on at low water level to view bubble pattern