EDI, EOSi, Napier-Reid & Nexom are Stronger Together as Axius Water companies at WEFTEC 2023, featuring proven, sustainable nutrient management solutions

  • Four operating companies of Axius Water exhibiting at WEFTEC 2023 in booth 1042
  • First WEFTEC appearance for Napier-Reid, a seventy year-old water and wastewater equipment engineering firm
  • See EDI’s 9-foot wide fine-bubble aeration curvilinear panel diffuser, EOSi’s new Nitrack mobile experience, as well as an actual BABA-compliant 4-disk Nexom MITA pile cloth filter.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (October 2, 2023): Environmental Dynamics International (EDI), Environmental Operating Solutions (EOSi), Napier-Reid, and Nexom, all Axius Water companies, are Stronger Together at WEFTEC’s booth 1042 in showcasing their proven water and wastewater solutions for worry-free aeration, biological treatment, filtration, service & support. While Axius Water’s operating companies have been Stronger Together since their founding in 2020, newest company Napier-Reid is joining its fellow partners for the first time at WEFTEC.

The Axius Water businesses are teams of experienced and highly dedicated experts that have solved problems for customers in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment as well as drinking water plants for decades. With particular focus on nutrient management, come to BOOTH 1042 to learn about the proven and sustainable solutions these teams provide to their global customers every day.

Key product highlights include:

EDI customized aeration systems built with FlexAir® Pro panel, tube, and disc fine-bubble diffusers maximize oxygen transfer with up to 60% energy savings. Come to booth 1042 to see the massive span of the EDI FlexAir® Pro panel diffusers, as well as get up close and compare the FlexAir® Pro individual saddle mount 9” disc and the recently-launched FlexAir® Basic solvent-welded disc systems. In addition, EDI’s CoarsAir™ line of coarse-bubble diffusers offer maximum mixing with minimum maintenance, while its online parts division offers compatible aeration parts for all brands globally.

EOSi: MicroC® Liquid Service Programs optimize biological removal of harmful nutrients in wastewater, providing industry-proven products, services and chemical delivery platforms that continuously monitor and automatically adapt contaminant removal processes to achieve the most cost-effective, consistent, and reliable results.

Napier-Reid: Napier-Reid is a globally recognized engineering company with over 70 years of proven expertise in design and manufacturing of high-quality, cost-effective water and wastewater treatment solutions for industries and municipalities. For example, its Bio-Batch™ Sequencing Batch Reactor technology is in use at the largest two-basin SBR in the world, but also features an innovative vertical-shaft decanter for smaller basins,

Nexom enables wastewater treatment facilities to meet tomorrow’s nutrient limits, including ammonia, nitrates, and phosphorus. In booth 1042, visitors will receive an introduction to its biological technologies like the BioPorts™ MBBR or SAGR® cold water post-lagoon nitrification, filtration solutions like Blue PRO® reactive filtration for ultra-low phosphorus and metals, as well as see an actual BABA-compliant four-disk MITA Pile Cloth Disk Filter.

Join these companies’ key regional representatives and applications experts in BOOTH 1042 to see how you can improve efficiency and optimize nutrient removal at your plant.

About EDI (Environmental Dynamics International, Inc.)

Founded in 1975, EDI designs, manufactures, and installs custom high-efficiency diffused aeration systems with maintenance and parts support on a global scale. Global customers are served by nine international offices, headquartered in Columbia, Missouri, with a manufacturing and distribution center in the UK, and a wide network of local independent partners. EDI has 8,000+ installations in 100+ countries serving 400+ million people. wastewater.com

About EOSi (Environmental Operating Solutions, Inc.)

Based in Pocasset, Massachusetts, EOSi provides proprietary non-hazardous and environmentally sustainable glycerin-based chemicals (“MicroC”) and technical services for biological nutrient removal applications in wastewater systems. EOSi offers strong product quality, technical support and service levels to plant operators at large, urban wastewater utilities and industrial clients. microc.com

About Napier-Reid

Napier-Reid is a leading supplier of engineered water and wastewater treatment systems located in Markham, Ontario, Canada. Since its inception in 1950, Napier-Reid had completed over 3,000 water and wastewater treatment contracts for both municipal and industrial clients in more than 40 countries. napier-reid.com

About Nexom

Engineers and operators count on Winnipeg, Canada-based Nexom to provide turn-key biological, filtration and lagoon-based technology solutions for nutrient removal and cleaner water. With more than 800+ installs at treatment facilities worldwide, operators trust proprietary Nexom technologies for worry-free compliance of ammonia, phosphorus, nitrate, BOD and wastewater reuse. nexom.com

About Axius Water

In partnership with XPV Partners and KKR, Axius Water is a portfolio company in KKR’s Global Impact Fund which invests in companies that deliver impact through their products or services. Axius differentiated products and services improve the effectiveness of the wastewater treatment process, thereby measurably improving the quality of treated water. The platform is expanding globally as we build a diversified portfolio of operating companies that offer leading solutions that improve the overall wastewater management processes. axiuswater.com

EDI: IFAT 2024 Press Release

MUNICH, GERMANY (13 May, 2024): ATAC Solutions®, EDI® (Environmental Dynamics International®), EOSi (Environmental Operating Solutions), Napier-Reid, and Nexom®, Axius Water® companies, are stronger together at IFAT’s Hall A3, Stand 315 and uniting around the mission of “Stopping Nutrient Pollution.” Learn how their proven solutions enable customers to improve the effectiveness of water and wastewater treatment in industrial and municipal applications.

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