Reducing energy costs by installing a FlexAir® Pro fixed grid aeration system.

Project Information

Project Type: Municipal wastewater treatment

Completion Date: February 2014

Treatment Objectives:

Design flow: 10,000 m³/day (2.6 MGD)

Treatment requirements: SOTE: 39.50%

OTE: 4.92 kg O₂/kWh energy efficiency

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Project Background & Challenges

Two hours’ drive east of Bucharest near the shores of the Black Sea, in Constanta County, România, is the Poarta Albă Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). Operated by one of the biggest water companies in România, R.A.J.A. Constanța, the old WWTP was rehabilitated in 2014, being resized and designed for over 54 000 inhabitants. The new facility serves the localities of Valu lui Traian, Murfatlar and Poarta Albă, in accordance with current standards for environmental protection.

Wastewater treatment at the plant is done in three stages (mechanical, chemical, and biological). The biological stage is provided with two aerated oxidation ditches, for nitrification and denitrification, and the effluent passes through an ultraviolet disinfection facility, before being discharged, and the effluent passes through an ultraviolet disinfection facility, before being discharged into the Danube-Black Sea Channel.

The EDI Solution

The aeration in the oxidation ditches was initially done by mechanical aerators. In pursuit of higher aeration efficiency and less energy consumption, the plant operator reached out to Irina Bratu, EDI Sales and Application Engineer in România, for a diffused air aeration system.

EDI proposed a FlexAir® Pro (then known simply as FlexAir) fixed grid aeration system, with three aeration grids per oxidation ditch, using FlexAir Pro 9” integral saddle mount (ISM) disc diffusers and PVC piping.

The goal of the EDI FlexAir Pro fine-bubble aeration system was to reduce energy consumption, thus reducing energy costs. In addition to this success, the EDI fine-bubble aeration system provided the oxygen quantity required by the wastewater treatment process at a high aeration efficiency.

Site Construction

The EDI FlexAir Pro aeration system was installed by the main contractor, Passavant Energy & Environment România. EDI provided supervision services for installation, commissioning, and uniformity check by using a local team of EDI-authorized experts.

Upgraded System Performance

The EDI FlexAir® Pro aeration system was installed and commissioned in February 2014. Since then, EDI has performed periodic checks, is in constant contact with the plant operator, and the properly maintained aeration system has operated according to initial design and application requirements.

“We hereby certify that Environmental Dynamics International (EDI) has successfully designed, manufactured and delivered the fine bubble aeration system for Poarta Albă WWTP, Constanța County, România,” said Aurel Presura, General Director at R.A.J.A. Constanța. “Since installation in 2014, EDI FlexAir aeration equipment has been operating at the guaranteed parameters for the last 8 years. We confirm that EDI are reliable partners and that we have always been satisfied with the quality services they offer.”