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Meet Our Wyoming Representative(s)
If you’re looking for any of our filtration or biological technologies (not including EDI aeration), isiWEST is our Wyoming representative. They understand what we do really well and can bring our exclusive technologies to your project. You can reach them at:

Phone: 970.535.0571
Website: www.isiwest.com
Office: 495 N Denver Avenue
Loveland, Co 80537

If you do require an EDI fixed-grid aeration solution, our rep is Cogent’s Water Technology Group. The WTG team knows the EDI aeration products inside and out and can help you implement them in your new or upgraded plant. Reach them at:

Phone: 303-584-9000
Website: wtrgroup.com
Office: 625 Kraft Loop
Casper, WY 82601

What engineers have said:

"[EDI's] innovative technology as a post lagoon tertiary filter will meet all the town's future development needs and save the town millions of dollars compared to a conventional plant!"— TRISH JOHNSON, OTTAWA, ONTARIO

What engineers have said:

"The [SAGR] wastewater system is consistently discharging extremely high effluent quality with non-detect BOD, TSS and ammonia."

What engineers have said:

"EDI's ability to work with the local operators and their client service throughout the pilot was exemplary!"

What engineers have said:

"The ease of operation and the ultimate success of the Walker [SAGR] system has led to several other projects in the surrounding communities and throughout Iowa."— MATT WILDMAN, P.E. CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA

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Laguna Niguel, CA

The South Orange County Wastewater Authority (SOCWA) has three primary treatment facilities to treat approximately 26 million gallons of wastewater per day. SOCWA must manage these plants to keep the infrastructure working to create both recycled water and treated effluent.

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Sonoma, California

Aeration upgrade allows winery to minimize energy consumption and double handling capacity during their peak season.

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California, MO

Plant upgrade allows simplified maintenance and room for future expansion while meeting compliance.

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