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T-Series Diffuser
The FlexAir™ T-Series diffuser unit is a fine pore, flexible membrane diffuser capable of providing a high level of oxygen transfer efficiency with maximum operating flexibility. T-Series units are configured with a premium quality EPDM rubber membrane sleeve specifically perforated for high volumetric air-handling capacity. For industrial and non-standard domestic applications, alternate membrane materials including urethane, silicone, and other specialty polymers are available. Alternate perforation patterns are available for energy sensitive applications or where maximum oxygen transfer efficiency is desired. EDI also offers a variety of sizes of diffusers to meet airflow requirements.

Related Products

Stainless Steel Clamps for Tube Membranes

304 SS Standard with 316 SS available, Special Order
304 SS clamps are typically stock items.
316 SS clamps stocked in some sizes.
Non-stocked sizes may have 4–6 week lead time.

MaxAir SS CoarseAir Coarse Bubble Diffuser

Heavy duty 316 SS construction
3/4″ male NPT nipple for connection
Cast inlet and end cap
Continuous welded construction
Open bottom or closed bottom (with deflector) options

PermaCap Coarse Bubble Diffuser

Base and ring are constructed of ABS.
Base unit connection is 3/4″ or 3/8″ male NPT.
Standard diffuser membranes are EPDM.
Larger 5″ diameter for maximum air distribution

Spectrum Ceramic Saddle Diffuser

Base and ring are constructed of glass-filled polypropylene. Spectrum™ Saddle Mount withstands 200-pound edge load without failure with KlicLoc™ retainer for positive mechanical mount. Standard diffuser media is aluminum oxide. Available saddle sizes: 3″, 4″, 90mm, 110mm diameter pipe. Ceramic and membrane media options are interchangeable.