Northwest Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant, Springfield, MO

SiteWorks called upon with turnkey membrane replacement of decade-old FlexAir MiniPanel aeration system.

Project Information

Location: Springfield, MO
Project Type: Municipal Wastewater Treatment Siteworks Membrane Replacement
Project Completion: 2017
System: EDI FlexAir Pro MiniPanel

Project Background & Challenges

The Northwest Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant of the City of Springfield, MO had an EDI FlexAir® Pro MiniPanel diffuser system installed and operational for a decade.

MiniPanel™ is a unique, fine pore, flexible membrane diffuser that provides superior operational flexibility and oxygen transfer efficiency compared to other membranes or rigid fine pore (ceramic) diffusers. And after a decade of continuous use, the all that was necessary was a checkup and membrane replacement. When it came time for routine maintenance, the treatment plant wanted to know it was going to be done right.

The EDI Answer

SiteWorks, the onsite installation and maintenance wing of Nexom and EDI, kept in touch with the customer through the local rep.

SiteWorks was entrusted with the turn-key membrane replacement of their existing aeration diffuser system. Robert Rice, Siteworks’ foreman, and his crew removed the existing membranes, checked the piping for solids, inspected supports, and put on the new membranes on diffusers in four separate tanks. Mr. Bruce Hinkston, plant supervisor, was thrilled with the  SiteWorks service.

“It was our pleasure to work with EDI on this project. You have a great group of people”.

– Mr. Bruce Hinkston 

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