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Universal Diffuser Mount
The Universal Diffuser Mount (UDM) for fine bubble or coarse bubble disc diffusers is made of durable PVC or optional EPDM that accepts a 3/4-inch NPT diffuser connection. The UDM is engineered for use with 2.4-inch through 8.6-inch O.D. It is designed for thin wall piping (SDR26 or Sch40 pipes). UDM can also be glued to PVC or ABS piping if desired. Installation includes drilling a 1 1/4-inch diameter hole, de-burring the hole, installing the UDM (with or without glue) and screwing the diffuser into the UDM. The UDM is to be used for mounting diffusers on the top or bottom of the lateral and is not recommended for sidewall mount of diffuser units. Note: Special installation instructions included for each order. Part Number 00308

Related Products

Fine Bubble Disc to EDI™ Fine Bubble Disc Conversion EIMCO™

Convert the Eimco™ fine bubble disc diffuser to the industry standard 9-inch diameter disc membrane diffuser units. Kits consist of the EDI FlexAir™ 9-inch diameter advanced technology disc diffuser unit with 3/4-inch NPT adapter to convert existing 1-inch connection and EPDM gasket. Normal operating airflow is between 0.5–6.0 scfm per diffuser. High-capacity diffusers are available to meet high airflow applications.

Part Number

7-inch Porous Polyethylene to Membrane Conversion Kit

The 7-inch (215mm) Conversion Kit for Nopon and Water Engineering/ WABAG/Hawker-Siddley ™ Units consists of two pieces: one glass reinforced polypropylene membrane support plate and one 7-inch diameter disc membrane.

Part Number 02140

EDI 316 SS Cast Diffuser Mount

The special 316SS diffuser mount tee is designed to mount 3/4-inch coarse bubble or fine bubble threaded tube diffusers on SS pipe. The mount is cast for maximum strength. A large diameter pipe contact area reduces pipe fatigue, making the diffuser mount suitable for even thin wall pipe. A special leveling bar on the bottom of the mount is utilized during the fabrication process to ensure diffusers will be level when installed. The 316SS material can be used with either 304SS or 316SS pipe.

Thru-Tube Mounting Connection Kit

The Thru Tube Mounting Connection Kit consists of a stainless steel nipple with air inlet holes and two special EPDM rubber gaskets. The gaskets provide a seal and also serve as a bushing to hold the assembly in the center of the air piping. The stainless steel nipple joins the two diffusers to complete the connection. The kit is designed to mount T-Series diffusers to square or rectangular air piping. Reference the diffusers in the T-Series section to select the proper diffuser for your application. Call for part number and pricing. Specify the air piping cross section dimension as well as the diameter of the outlet holes.